How to support Legalize Belarus?

Donations received will never be spent to pay activists. We believe in what we do, thus we’re willing to invest in-kind. Here are several expenditures we may spend funds on:


  • Office rent
  • Domain and hosting for the campaign website
  • Government fees (e.g. when going to court)
  • Video recording studio and event space rent
  • Events and campaign materials advertisement in social networks
  • Consumables for public actions and events
  • Education leaflets, stickers, postcards and other printed promo materials

Become a patron

If you feel like you want to support on on a continuous basis, please, consider becoming our patron on Patreon. Become a patron

Donate Bitcoin

Yes, we accept Bitcoin. Here is our wallet: 3Bo4a5STRFx4gYFVFqCzkMzVDEdnocrwXc