27 June 2024

The woman used cannabis as an effective remedy for joint pain, but was convicted under Article 328

Elena is 68 years old and suffers from coxarthrosis and polyarthrosis of large joints. The woman used cannabis oil to relieve pain and improve sleep quality, but one day police officers knocked on her door. Elena shared her story with Legalize Belarus.

23 May 2024

Risto Mikkonen shared his impressions about his participation in the School of Humane Drug Policy, organized by Legalize Belarus

Risto Mikkonen, a representative of The Turku Region Cannabis Association, was invited as a speaker at the School of Humane Drug Policy, which took place from May 9 to 13 in Lithuania. He shared his impressions of the event and told how it was.

24 April 2024

Legalize Belarus released a telegram bot that allows to check psychoactive substances compatibility

Mixing psychoactive substances significantly increases the risk of adverse effects and is one of the causes of fatal overdoses. With the help of a telegram bot, anyone can quickly check how safe it is to combine certain substances.

20 April 2024

Etiquette rules for smoking cannabis in a group

Some people prefer to use cannabis alone, while others like to get together with friends and family to smoke it together. Following the rules of etiquette will help everyone feel comfortable and get the most out of spending time together.

16 April 2024

«I was left alone with a child and two dogs.» A woman told how her husband was detained for distributing psychoactive substances

Alina (name changed) shared with Legalize Belarus the story of her husband’s detention. They raised their daughter together, who now may not see her father for a long time.

27 February 2024

The girl told drug control that an acquaintance had treated her to cannabis. He was detained

Nikita (name changed) shared with Legalize Belarus the story of his friend facing persecution under Article 328 based on another person's testimony.

24 January 2024

Family tragedy: how watching hockey turned into a prison term for cannabis use

Ignat (name changed) met with his acquaintance, and soon contact with him was lost.

18 January 2024

Employees of law enforcement agencies struck a man on the head to obtain testimony

In an interview with Legalize Belarus, Anton (name changed) shared that he mainly consumed cannabis, tried mephedrone and 2C-B a couple of times. He used them instead of alcohol because it helped him deal with depression.

4 January 2024

Legalize Belarus released a collection of non-fungible tokens «Gods and Cannabis» on the TON blockchain

Each NFT contains the «Mother of God and Cannabis» and up to three additional Gods: Dazhboh, Piarun and Jaryla.

26 December 2023

A guy has been declared internationally wanted for purchasing 0.36 grams of smoking blend

Ekaterina (name changed), the mother of the convicted under article 328, shared the story of her son, who was arrested 5 years after deciding to smoke spice.

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