Etiquette rules for smoking cannabis in a group

Some people prefer to use cannabis alone, while others like to get together with friends and family to smoke it together. Following the rules of etiquette will help everyone feel comfortable and get the most out of spending time together.

Etiquette rules for smoking cannabis in a group
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20 April 2024
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  1. Puff puff pass except the glass. This rule is based on respect and brotherhood. It involves taking two puffs and then passing the joint or smoking apparatus to the next person. This way the cannabis is divided roughly equally and no one has to wait too long. The first puff is a symbol of politeness, and the second shows that the person really enjoys it.
  2. Always pass to the left. If the joint always goes in one direction, it means that no one will be allowed through. However, it is not known exactly why, according to tradition, it is necessary to pass to the left side. This is most likely because most people are right-handed, so passing this way has a better chance of giving joint to the dominant hand of the next person in the circle.
  3. He who rolls/packs it sparks it. This rule shows respect for the person who does it for everyone, so he smokes first.
  4. Ash before you pass. You should shake off the ashes before passing the joint on to someone else. It is clear that no one will be happy to get dirty. In addition, if the action takes place in an apartment, this will save the owner from unnecessary cleaning.
  5. Do not pass if it’s cashed. If you are unsure whether there is anything over, it is polite to warn the next person that it may have been the last one. However, do not try to take an extra puff yourself to check, because you are taking away the opportunity from others.
  6. Always match, no mootches allowed. This rule says that you need to respect the person who shares his cannabis with you, and also agree to the offer to split the money spent. A nice gesture would be to bring your own cannabis. Friends help friends, but if it’s not your cannabis, don’t expect to smoke it.
  7. Lighter thieves will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This rule encourages you not to forget to return someone else’s lighters if you take them to use.
  8. The blunt is not a microphone. This means that even if you are telling smth, you should not keep the cannabis until you finish the story. Smoke it and pass it on.
  9. Thou shalt not drop the blunt. Try to use and pass the joint or smoking device carefully to avoid dropping it. Bad things happen, but in this case do what you can to make amends.
  10. A wet J is never okay. Do not allow your saliva to come into contact with joint or pipe while smoking. If this happens, wipe it off before passing it on.
  11. Cough with class. Many people cough when smoking cannabis, but if you need to maintain silence and privacy, make sure you have something that can muffle the sound, such as holding clothes over your mouth when you cough.
  12. If you’re sick, skip. If you are sick, please notify other participants and bring your own smoking equipment. However, it is best to skip the meeting to avoid infecting other participants.
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