Legalize Belarus released a telegram bot that allows to check psychoactive substances compatibility

Mixing psychoactive substances significantly increases the risk of adverse effects and is one of the causes of fatal overdoses. With the help of a telegram bot, anyone can quickly check how safe it is to combine certain substances.

Legalize Belarus released a telegram bot that allows to check psychoactive substances compatibility
Legalize Belarus
24 April 2024
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Many people who use psychoactive substances know about the drug combination reference chart, but its use is often difficult, because information is compressed on one page, which can lead to confusion and erroneous results. Legalize Belarus activists developed an accessible and convenient online tool to solve this problem. Telegram bot allows the user to simply press two buttons and immediately receive an answer about the safety of a specific combination of drugs. This approach eliminates errors and minimizes the influence of the human factor, which in some cases can save lives.

The telegram bot was created as part of the Global Day of Action with the support of the Support Don’t Punish, a global advocacy campaign calling for drug policies based on health and human rights.

«Usually, as part of the Global Day of Action, activists create art projects, organize lectures, exhibitions, and film screenings. We decided to move away from the standard events on the topic Support don’t panish and wanted to create a harm reduction tool that will be relevant for a long time, and not only on the day of the event. The well-known drug combination reference chart from Trip Sits is detailed and informative, but it is quite inconvenient to use, especially if a person wants to check the compatibility of substances in a nightclub, for example. Therefore, we came up with a telegram bot with the same functions as a table, only in a more convenient way. Support don’t panish liked our idea and we implemented it,» tells Nasta, an activist at Legalize Belarus and one of the creators of the telegram bot.

The next Global Day of Action will take place on June 26, and everybody who would like to contribute to the fight for the rights of psychoactive substance users can join this event.

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