On 2 October with the beginning of the autumn session of the parliament all 2969 signatures under the statement for decriminalisation together with accompanying analytical documents and a law project on special status of cannabis were sent to the Parliament, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Administration of the President.

The petition was sent together with the following texts:

  1. Drug policy in Czech Republic, Portugal and The Netherlands: Lessons for Belarus (in Russian)
  2. Law project on special status of cannabis (that suggest that possession of less than 50g of marijuana should be depenalised, possession of between 50-100g should be an administrative case and only in case of possession of over 100g of cannabis the person should be prosecuted criminally). The text is in Russian
  3. The flaws of the Article 328 of the Criminal Code (in Russian)

In the reply the parliament stated, that new law is developed in cooperation with other interested government institutions, including KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.