4 activists fined €600 for the Hemp Kaliada

Soon after the first trial on Piotr Markiełaŭ for organisation of Hemp Kaliada, when the case was sent back to police department, 4 Legalize Belarus activists received subpoenas. All four (Piotr Markiełaŭ, Stas Šašok, Michaś Varancoŭ and Julija Švabovič) were accused of participating in an unauthorised meeting.

4 activists fined €600 for the Hemp Kaliada
Legalize Belarus
8 February 2018
Press Service

On 8 February 2018, Piotr Markiełaŭ was charged of “repeated violation of the procedure for organising and holding public events” and fined € 300. Stas Šašok, Michaś Varancoŭ and Julija Švabovič were charged for the same law violation, but were fined only € 100 each because they were not brought to justice under this article for the last year.

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