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Legalize Belarus
Today more than 15000 Belarusians are imprisoned for drug-related crimes. Most of these people are young drug users caught with 1-2 g of marijuana smoking with their friends. They are being deprived of their liberty for 5-8 years. In terrible condition prisons they are humiliated by staff and other convicts and forced to physical unpaid labour for the state.

The law does not differentiate penalties for possession of drugs by amount or type of the substance. Moreover, possession of 5 g of marijuana can already be considered as “intention to distribute” and judged accordingly. While major drug dealers and state officials taking part in distribution remain at large, consumers and minor street distributors are imprisoned on inadequate terms.

The policy of prohibition has led to widespread use of highly potent and extremely dangerous synthetic cannabinoids, also known as “spices” or “K2”. Neither medical nor industrial use of marijuana is in any way legalized in Belarus.


Civic education

Educating people about psychoactive substances and evidence-based approach to drug policy


Advocating for abolition of criminal prosecution for possession and trafficking of controlled substances in small amounts


Legally and psychologically supporting people subjected to criminal prosecution, drug convicts and their relatives


  • 02
    Advocating for decriminalisation 10/2018

    2969 signatures for decriminalisation sent to the Parliament

    With the beginning of the autumn session of the parliament all 2969 signatures under the statement for decriminalisation together with accompanying analytical documents and a law project on special status of cannabis were sent to the Parliament, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Administration of the President.
  • 30
    Raving for PLUR 09/2018

    Legalize Belarus PLUR rave in a bunker

    The rave to promote PLUR principles marked 1-year anniversary of the campaign. In the middle of the party SOBR (Belarusian SWAT) broke into the bunker. This is the most elite special force in Belarus that took part in assassinations of Lukashenka political opponents in 1999-2002. Around 25 officers from different departments and internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took part in the operation. 27 people were detained and released 5 hours later. 5 people were fined 2 EUR each and one person fined 5 EUR for being drunk in a public place. Well done, SOBR!
  • 26
    Raising awareness 07/2018

    Commissioners Clark and Kazatchkine: “Time for a change in drug policy in Belarus”

    Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. Members of the Global Commission on Drug Policy Helen Clark and Michel Kazatchkine posted an op-ed on Belarusian drug policy. Did you find apk for android? You can find new Free Android Games and apps.
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    Drug education 07/2018

    What are the effects of the most popular drugs in Belarus?

    Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. What is drugs? How addictions work? What are the effects of the most popular drugs in Belarus? Michaś Varancoŭ explains these questions in this video. Did you find apk for android? You can find new Free Android Games and apps.
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    Facing authoritarianism 07/2018

    Ministry of Information unblocked IP address

    Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. After numerous appeals to the governmental institutions responsible for the blocking, the IP address was finally unblocked on 13th July 2018. That means that legalizebelarus.org website is now accessible for Belarusians, though legalize.by is still blocked. Did you find apk for android? You can find new […]
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    Advocacy for public reform 07/2018

    Sign the petition for decriminalisation!

    Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. We want society and state to treat psychoactive substances responsibly. We want to have less violence around. We want people to know more about drugs and addictions. We fight for decriminalisation. Legalize Belarus is not about drugs. Legalize Belarus is about the people. Did you find […]
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    Researching 06/2018

    How do Belarusian youth feel about cannabis? Poll results

    Legalize Belarus conducted a poll on how people in Belarus feel about cannabis and its regulation. Results show that, comparatively, women, people under age of 18 and people living in rural regions require more education about psychoactive substances and addiction disorders. Men, people aged 27-34, inhabitants of big cities and people who know at least one foreign language are most loyal to cannabis and its users. Read full report (in Belarusian) for more.
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    Facing authoritarianism 06/2018

    Piotr Markiełaŭ spent 3 days arrested for a fake protest against legalize.by website blocking

    On 31 May Piotr Markiełaŭ posted a fake picture with him holding a sign saying "Block", where the IP address stands for mvd.gov.by server (MIA website). Next day a police officer, Siarhiej Astafjeŭ called Piotr and invited him "for a talk". That talk lasted for 74 hours. Piotr was jailed in a temporary prison of inhumane detention conditions. On the second day of arrest a young person was put in Piotr's cell. That lad 2 days in row smoked hash from a pipette. We believe, he was a MIA agent.
  • 20
    Taking a break 05/2018

    “Mothers 328” stopped the hunger strike

    24 women took part in the protest. None of the goals was reached. Several mothers made significant damage to their health. Nevertheless, the action was not useless. It increased awareness about problem in society and contributed to public discussion of the current drug policy in Belarus.
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    Feedback from the top 05/2018

    Legalize.by website blocked in Belarus

    Legalize Belarus website (https://legalize.by) was blocked on 17 May in Belarus by decision of the Minister of Information. In the official notification "propaganda of marijuana use" was mentioned as a reason. The decision was made after the Ministry of Information received a letter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is the most influential organisation in the country, and the only one standing for keeping the law unchanged.


One should not underestimate the social damage caused by the war on drugs started in the US. Belarus had not become the first democracy, education or industry in the region. Let us be the first in at least something. Piotr Markiełaŭ

Communications manager, Civic movement "Dzieja"

Every human is born free. Nobody can tell me what to use. I have the right for my body. Let me be responsible, no nanny needed for me! Stanisłaŭ Šašok

Musician. Lawyer

People are lacking objective information about drugs. This leads to irresponsible and uncontrolled use of dangerous substances. It can be prevented by open discussion and drug education. Ksienija Tarasievič

Journalist. National coordinator, Students For Liberty Belarus

If you know how to use psychedelics, it is a true treasure. They must not be illegal. Instead, we should spread the fair scientific knowledge about them. Michaś Varancoŭ

Software developer, Itransition

I do not call people to smoke marijuana. I call on being responsible. Life can be happy without drugs. Cannabis is used in medicine — that is why I’m against the prohibition. Maksim Kavaloŭ

Pastor. Lawyer

Potential to use some psychoactive substances in therapy is incomparably high. We should not refuse this. Alina Nahornaja

Psychologist. Programme manager, Civic movement "Dzieja"

Governments around the world fight against drugs. But they even don’t know what is it. They firstly need to understand the nature of the phenomenon in order to control it. Jahor Viniacki

Content manager, Freelancer


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