Łukašenka To Amnesty The Convicted. “Mothers 328” Are Petitioning

Belarusian president Alaksandar Łukašenka instructed the government to develop a bill on amnesty in connection with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders. The corresponding instruction was given on 25 February 2019 at a meeting of the President with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Vialancin Sukała.

Łukašenka To Amnesty The Convicted. “Mothers 328” Are Petitioning
Legalize Belarus
28 February 2019
Press Service

“We had the last amnesty four years ago. Given that this is a jubilee date, the amnesty can be wider than it is usually. It might affect people being on a sentence in terms of shortening their sentences. We will start development of a draft law with the Ministry of Internal Affairs” Vialancin Sukała said.

Activists of the “Mothers 328” movement started a petition to demand amnesty for people convicted under Article 328 of the Criminal Code. They ask for unconditional amnesty for the convicted who were under 18 at the moment of detention, for people with certain diseased and for people with disabilities. For the rest of convicted under the article they ask to reduce the sentence by half.

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