“Mothers 328” go on hunger strike

On 24 April a group of mothers of people convicted under Article 328 started a hunger strike. They demanded a meeting with the president Łukašenka as they believed he “does not have the information on the situation”.

“Mothers 328” go on hunger strike
Legalize Belarus
14 June 2018
Press Service

Legalize Belarus watched the protest and collected data about the participants: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-00vGjMAql2M7cxtjOpzh4TcPMjEVQH4AUEHpeR7CIU

On 30 April we visited a group of protesters in Vostraŭ village.

On 7 May mothers that were not taking part in the hunger strike went to the administration of the president to pass another appeal to the president. Legalize Belarus activists joined the meeting.

The hunger strike stopped on 20 May. None of the goals was reached. Several mothers made significant damage to their health. Nevertheless, the action was not useless. It increased awareness about problem in society and contributed to public discussion of the current drug policy in Belarus.

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