A guy has been declared internationally wanted for purchasing 0.36 grams of smoking blend

Ekaterina (name changed), the mother of the convicted under article 328, shared the story of her son, who was arrested 5 years after deciding to smoke spice.

A guy has been declared internationally wanted for purchasing 0.36 grams of smoking blend
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26 December 2023
Stories of the convicted

«My son bought spice through Skype, it was about 10 years ago. He went to pick up the stash at the specified location, and within an hour, he was already detained. Apparently, everything was set up from the beginning. Riot police officers searched him and found the substance and a smoking pipe. The total amount of spice was 0.36 grams,» Ekaterina recounts.

«However, my son left shortly after that and lived for some time outside Belarus because he was studying in another country. He was detained when crossing the border 5 years after the incident. Our lawyer filed a motion to the prosecutor’s office stating that the statute of limitations had expired, but the prosecutor’s office rejected the motion, citing the fact that my son had been declared internationally wanted. This is indeed true: he was detained in Finland, but they released him the next day because, according to their laws, such actions are not considered a crime. However, they informed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of our country about this arrest. This served as evidence that my son knew about the case being initiated,» the woman adds.

«As a result, my son was placed in custody. He waited for the court for two months. The conditions of detention were terrible: unsanitary conditions, cockroaches, mice. Law enforcement officers treated people like him contemptuously, insulted them. But they did not use force and accepted parcels,» says Ekaterina.

«At the trial, two riot police officers were present as witnesses, who testified about how they detained my son. But these were events from five years ago, I don’t think they really remembered how and what happened. They just said the same thing,» shares the convicted’s mother.

«In the end, my son was found guilty under the part 1 of article 328 and was sentenced to two years of probation. He was released after a year due to amnesty. But I still believe that what my son went through was too harsh. Administrative responsibility for the possession of psychoactive substances in a small amount would have been more than enough,» says Ekaterina.

The material was created based on anonymous monitoring.

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