Employees of law enforcement agencies struck a man on the head to obtain testimony

In an interview with Legalize Belarus, Anton (name changed) shared that he mainly consumed cannabis, tried mephedrone and 2C-B a couple of times. He used them instead of alcohol because it helped him deal with depression.

Employees of law enforcement agencies struck a man on the head to obtain testimony
Legalize Belarus
18 January 2024
Stories of the convicted

«I was walking home, and three men grabbed me by the arms near the entrance, showed their certificates, and demanded to unlock my phone. They wanted me to confess, but I remained silent, and they hit me on the head several times. Later, they found correspondence and photos of a cannabis given to me by a drug store, and took me to the police station. In the car, they handcuffed me, which caused damage of my hand’s nerve,» Anton recounts his arrest.

«At the station, they said that if I voluntarily surrender all psychoactive substances I had, it would be considered a mitigating circumstance. I agreed, I had a bit of cannabis at home. As a result, a criminal case was filed against me under article 328, part 1, and I was released on a non-departure pledge,» the man adds.

«I was curious to try psychoactive substances, but I am not addicted to them. However, I don’t plan to use them anymore because the experience of being detained made me realize that it’s better not to get involved with this in our country, given the current legislation, because the potential consequences are not worth it,» says Anton.

«But overall, I am still against the legalization of psychoactive substances. There is nothing good in their use. Only some psychedelics or cannabis may have something beneficial. So, perhaps I would support the legalization of cannabis, but I believe that the sale of alcohol should be restricted, and punishments for committing crimes under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be tougher. However, if drug users do not engage in any unlawful activities, regardless of what they use, criminal or administrative responsibility should be lifted from them,» the man shares his opinion.

Anton is currently awaiting the court’s verdict, «They told me that I am likely facing two years of imprisonment, but I hope that the sentence will be suspended, or they will grant a deferral of serving the punishment.»

The material was created based on anonymous monitoring.

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