27 January 2018

End the Drug War Bieraście

Legalize Belarus landed in Bieraście! We never had such a deep and meaningful discussion. Artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, school teachers, doctors and students spoke out. Everyone expressed oneself and brought to the conversation.

30 December 2017

End the Drug War Mahiloŭ

Another "End the Drug War" meeting was held in Mahiloŭ, third-large Belarusian city. One day before the event, the venue cancelled the booking because of "negative attitude towards drugs". Though another place to organise the discussion was found, it affected the number of participants.

19 December 2017

End the Drug War Harodnia

Legalize Belarus landed in Harodnia with a lecture on the war on drugs, "How drugs work. Cannabis" movie screening and a discussion afterwards. The leader of the drug convicts mothers movement "Mothers 328" attended the event and together with other activists shared terrifying facts of injustice towards the imprisoned.

20 November 2017

Talaka of Solidarity in Bieraście

Legalize Belarus nationwide. Talaka of solidarity with drug convicts was organised in Bieraście.

19 November 2017

The Culture High movie screening and discussion in Homiel

Legalize Belarus is going nationwide!

29 October 2017

Talaka of solidarity with drug convicts

Talaka is a traditional Belarusian form of gathering to accomplish a task. Attendees of the Talaka of solidarity sent hundreds of postcards to unjustly convicted drug users. During Human Library sessions participants had an opportunity to take part in open and frank conversations with people affected  by Article 328.

29 October 2017

Lecture about MDMA in Minsk

The lecture covered questions of history, legal status and potential of medical and recreational use of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA).

29 October 2017

Lecture on legal cannabis markets

Drug regulation expert, master of public policy Alfredo Pascual gave a lecture about legal status of marijuana around the world. Q&A session took around 3 hours.

29 October 2017

“The Culture High” movie screening in Minsk

After the screening of "The Culture High" movie participants discussed perception of marijuana in Belarusian society and ways to bring objective information to people.

29 October 2017

Activists discussed Belarusian drug policy

Legalize Belarus activists talked on the war on drugs, marijuana use, problems of drug convicts in Belarus, drug policy movement around the world and pros and cons of marijuana legalisation in Belarus. After the presentation lively debate took place with mothers of drug convicts from "Mothers 328" movement taking part.

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