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4 March 2020

Drug Policy In Belarus: A Short Overview

Belarusian drug policy is the most brutal in Europe. There is a criminal liability even for consuming psychoactive substances. The Criminal Code establishes punishment without taking into account the amount or type of the substance for personal use.

3 November 2019

Procession in memory of those killed by cannabis marched in Minsk

On 2 November in Minsk around 25 people joined the “Cannabis Dziady” procession. Dziady is an ancient Slavic feast commemorating the dead ancestors. Protesters held empty photo frames with black ribbons and layed a funeral wreath to those killed by cannabis at the United Nations Square in the capital of Belarus.

18 October 2019

Proposed legislation changes as for regulation of drugs in Belarus explained

23 June 2019

Belarus Drug Policy Overview: Piotr Markielau for Speek Freely

30 April 2019

United Nations & world leaders condemned for failure on drug policy

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