26 June 2023

Legalize Belarus сalls to stop the Drug War on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

June 26 is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking which was established in 1987 by the United Nations General Assembly.

28 April 2023

Drug Policy Reform Advocates Call for Access to Cannabis and Psychedelic Therapy for Mental Health Patients in Eastern Europe Amidst Ongoing War in Ukraine

As the number of refugees in Lithuania continues to grow, it is crucial to address the mental health needs of these individuals. Many refugees have experienced trauma, displacement, and loss, which can have a profound impact on their psychological well-being. Unfortunately, mental health services can be limited for refugees, leaving many struggling to manage their symptoms and find a path towards healing.

21 April 2023

«The Bridge: Cannabis and Psychedelic Therapy Access in the Refugee Crisis» to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania on April 27, 2023

Legalize Belarus with Young Wave and UPRA invites everyone to this event on Thursday, April 27, 2023 in Lithuania, Vilnius, Vilniaus g. 22.

16 March 2023

What to Do if You Ingested Too Much Amanita Muscaria and Doctor’s Support Is Not Available?

This blog post provides information on harm reduction strategies for using amanita muscaria and what to do in case of an overdose when medical care is not available.

16 March 2023

What to Do if You Snorted Too Much Alpha-PVP and Doctor’s Support Is Not Available?

When snorting alpha-PVP, it is crucial to take steps to reduce harm and stay safe, including using a clean straw, starting with a small dose, avoiding mixing with other drugs, staying hydrated, seeking support, and in case of overdose and doctor's support is not available, stay calm, seek support, drink water, avoid other drugs, and get help as soon as possible.

16 March 2023

What to Do if You Smoked Too Much Cocaine and Doctor’s Support Is Not Available?

This blog post explores ways to reduce harm when smoking cocaine, including not sharing paraphernalia, using filters, staying hydrated, taking breaks, and seeking support. Additionally, it provides tips for what to do if you have smoked too much cocaine and are unable to access medical care.

30 January 2023

Generation 328 — a film about the “Mothers 328” movement of relatives of young people, convicted for drug-related crimes in Belarus

Generation 328 is a story of mothers who are living everyday life with a single hope: to bring home their unfairly convicted sons. How far will the mothers go to find justice for their children?

18 March 2022

Legal support service for the prosecuted under Article 328 available

Legalize Belarus and its partners are launching a legal support service for the prosecuted under Article 328. The service is aimed at helping those who face sanctions under Article 328, as well as those who are already serving their sentences.

19 April 2021

Bicycle day: Legalize Belarus released a non-fungible token (NFT) with an image of Jesus

The release of the token is dedicated to Bicycle Day. On this day, April 19th 1943, Dr. Albert Hofmann intentionally ingested 250 μg of LSD-25, becoming the first person in the world who tried LSD.

20 September 2020

Happy International Magic Mushroom Day!

LSD has 4/19, and cannabis has 4/20. Now, there’s an autumnal celebration for psilocybin

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