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30 September 2018

It Absolutely Will Not Stop: A Report From A Belarus Rave

In the night of 30 September the Legalize Belarus PLUR rave was interrupted by SOBR (Belarusian SWAT) squad that broke into the bunker.

16 July 2018

Ministry of Information unblocked IP address

After numerous appeals to the governmental institutions responsible for the blocking, the IP address was finally unblocked on 13th July 2018.

15 June 2018 website blocked in Belarus

Legalize Belarus website ( was blocked on May 17th in Belarus by decision of the Minister of Information (, Naša Niva, Radio Liberty, Belaruspartisan, Euroradio). In the official notification "propaganda of marijuana use" was mentioned as a reason. The decision was made after the Ministry of Information received a letter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Euroradio, Radio Liberty), which is the most influential organisation in the country, and the only one standing for keeping the law unchanged.

14 June 2018

“Mothers 328” go on hunger strike

On 24 April a group of mothers of people convicted under Article 328 started a hunger strike. They demanded a meeting with the president Łukašenka as they believed he "does not have the information on the situation".

28 April 2018

Street picket for decriminalisation and trials

On 2 April 2018, timed to coincide with the beginning of the spring Parliament session, at 16:20 14 Legalize Belarus activists went to the building of the Parliament holding letters of the word “decriminalisation”.

15 March 2018

7 motivators on how to live without hurting others

Activists of education and advocacy civic campaign Legalize Belarus shared personal motivators they are driven by. Get inspired! Photo credits — Karalina Palakova.

26 February 2018

Belarusian Christian Democracy against Legalize Belarus

Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) is a political organisation in Belarus, that is often considered to be a part of "systemic opposition", a group of political actors taking part in what is formally called elections. By and large, such groups are not supported by the population and viewed as "puppet players of the government", helping the authoritarian regime to legitimise their power

25 February 2018

End the Drug War Viciebsk

This is the eighth and the last planned Legalize Belarus landing. Lecture on the War on Drugs and hate speech towards drug users and people with addiction disorders took place in the Beatles Club in Viciebsk, the northern capital of Belarus.

17 February 2018

Street picket in Minsk for decriminalisation

On 17 February 2018, the day before local election day, Legalize Belarus activists organised the first picket for decriminalisation of small amounts of controlled substances. The picket was held in the centre of Minsk, near Kastryčnickaja płošča. Activists brought a provocative banner, showing that simplifying a position towards current drug policy leads to appalling consequences.

8 February 2018

4 activists fined €600 for the Hemp Kaliada

Soon after the first trial on Piotr Markiełaŭ for organisation of Hemp Kaliada, when the case was sent back to police department, 4 Legalize Belarus activists received subpoenas. All four (Piotr Markiełaŭ, Stas Šašok, Michaś Varancoŭ and Julija Švabovič) were accused of participating in an unauthorised meeting.

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